Far-reaching Benefits of Massage Therapy.

The benefits of massage therapy are far-reaching and long-lasting, according to new research. Now, with affordable Zen Massage franchises in the Southeast, more and more people can reap those benefits.

Massage therapy is a general term for manipulating skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The Mayo Clinic, one of the most prestigious hospital and research institutions in America, cites massage as helpful with stress relief, managing anxiety and depression, pain, stiffness, blood pressure control, sports related injuries, and even boosting immunity.

The unique Zen Massage philosophy of high quality massage at affordable prices allows all Americans to indulge in these benefits, especially since there are no contracts and no membership fees.

America’s most famous television doctor, Mehmet C. Oz,“Dr. Oz.” offers massage to all surgery patients at the Cardiovascular Institute at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Oz also gets a weekly massage for himself.**

Why does it work? Several studies show massage reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol while boosting the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine. That works wonders for your blood pressure and nervous system. What’s more, Partap Khalsa, Ph.D. of the National Institutes of Health says the benefits of massage may last as long as a year after just a few treatments.

Zen Massage offers hot stone, deep tissue, Swedish and couples massage. The Zen promise is always a high quality massage you can afford. Here’s to your health!

No contracts. No membership fees.
Just high a quality spa massage at prices you can afford.

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