Zen Massage® Franchise Owner Spotlight – Beverly Goldstein

“Inspirational moments happen every day,” says Beverly Goldstein, owner of two Zen Massage®franchise locations in Kansas.  “I see people come in with sunglasses on and a migraine, and then walk out like nothing has happened.”   That’s the power of massage.

Goldstein knows because she’s often behind the desk at her Olathe, Kansas location.  She’s a hands-on owner, behind the desk 4 to 5 days a week, and networking the others.

“I think it’s a huge secret to my success. I go to the local Chambers of Commerce, the coffees, the luncheons, just getting out and building relationships with people and letting them know I’m there.”

Goldstein’s been with Zen Massage® for four years now, just opening her newest location six weeks ago. “It was a natural progression.  We were turning so many clients away, we either needed to expand or start up a second location.”

Beverly says there’s not a typical Zen client at either location.  She’s had a 4 year old in, as well as a 90 year old.  “The Swedish massage is still the most popular, but people are branching out.  We do a lot of pregnancy massages and deep tissue is always really popular.”

“We treat a boy with autism.  I think it relaxes him and gets him focused.  It benefits him greatly,” adding massage benefits are physical as well as mental.

“Of course, stress is mental. It’s just like working out. It does release endorphins. You go in happy and come out happier.”

Goldstein is certainly happy with her second career.  “I knew that if I was going to go back to work later in life, I wanted to do something I love. And on a typical day, I do love my job.”

“It’s just a fun, rewarding, positive environment to be around.”