Zen Massage® Franchise Owner Spotlight – Lisa Eisenacher

Franchise owner Lisa Eisenacher’s secret for success could be her people.

“We’ve got some therapists that have been with us, I think, almost since we’ve been open. We try to treat them like family, and we’ve got a lot of loyalty and kinship with them.  They bring the clients back.

In fact, we encourage people to request therapists and we compensate for requests,” Eisenacher says.  “That means they’re not just going through the motions,” and clients appreciate the extra effort.  “We have the same desk people too.”

Eisenacher owns the West Palm Beach, Florida Zen Franchise with her son.  Their locations in Wellington and Boynton Beach have been so successful, they’re now opening a third location at the Town Square Shopping Center in Boca Raton this March.

“Its a little bit larger than we’ve opened before.  Its about 2700 square feet, in a very,  very well established shopping center.  We’re on the corner so people will see us coming and going.”    Eisenacher’s new location will be decorated with warm colors and a water fall, so client’s relaxation will start when they walk through the door.

Gift certificates, especially online for last minute shoppers, are proving to be a big seller for the Florida franchises.  Its so convenient for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Mother’s Day to just log-on and a few seconds later, your shopping is done.  “Every year, I think it might be off a bit, and then the week before (the holiday) it goes like crazy.”

Florida clients buy more Swedish massages than anything else, and tend to go for the hour and a half once they become regular clients.  Sports and deep tissue massages are also popular, especially at their already established Wellington location because of the active equestrian community there.

There are two great things about owning a Zen Massage franchise, according to Eisenacher.  First, the clients.  “They literally transform when they are in that room. Its very gratifying to see people come in with all the stresses in their life.. and when they leave.. its light.  they’re renewed.”

The second thing is the foundation of the Zen Franchise.  “The no contracts, no memberships.  For me as a consumer it doesn’t make sense to sign a contract to get a massage!”