Zen Massage® Franchise Owner Spotlight – Steven LaBroi

Smells of aroma therapy and the multi-flavor tea station greet customers when they walk in Zen Massage® locations at Camp Creek Village in Atlanta or Summit Point in nearby Fayetteville, Georgia. “Its tranquil, relaxing and quiet, just perfect for a spa service. You are prepared for a total wellness experience,” says Steven LaBroi, co-owner with his mother Mary.

“One of our most popular treatments is our hot stone massage because its an opportunity for a deeper heat treatment,” LaBroi says. “The body recovers naturally from the muscles being manipulated, but if you heat the muscles up, the toxins can flow out easier.”

“We’ve been working with this concept for awhile.” LaBroi says customers that come to Zen for the low-cost, high quality Swedish massage might miss out on the benefits of deep tissue combined with hot stones. This combination helps people reach their wellness goals faster, he says.

Both LaBroi’s Zen locations have estheticians on staff, so customers can come out looking as good as they feel. They feature Dermalogica® products with their skin care as well as waxing. But today’s massage customer is different from those of a decade ago, LaBroi says. “One of the reasons we went into this business was the paradigm shift in spa services, with the lower cost making it available for all people to take part in the therapy. It wasn’t just a luxury item anymore.” He also says massage became more of a wellness component when people started taking more ownership in their fitness, also embracing yoga and acupuncture. “We looked at the paradigm shift and realized this was a great opportunity for a franchise. We have customers that come every week. People are changing, taking disposable income they used to spend on a drink at the bar and spending it in a positive way to deal with stress.”

Also, he says people are thinking about health and wellness now more than ever. “Many are under insured, so they’re doing other things to cure these issues. We provide a resource that’s affordable.”

So to LaBroi, Zen Massage® makes sense for the future. And he shares his secret for success at his two locations: Customer Service. “Our business is customer service, and if we don’t have customer service people don’t come back. That’s what i like.”