Zen Massage® Franchise Owner Spotlight – Susan Collier

No doubt a lot of clients keep coming back to the Zen Massage® franchise in Spring Hill, Tennessee, just south of Nashville, because of owner Susan Collier.  Twenty-seven percent growth in the past year is evidence they’re doing things right.

As a licensed massage therapist, Susan understands all aspects and sees to every detail of the business.  She sees first-hand how a good massage can literally change your life.

“I have one gentleman that’s been my client the last couple months.  He’s had pain in his shoulder since he was just 14.”  Susan says the client in his mid 50’s had just been living with the pain.  After a series of massages targeted to ease that pain over a couple months, “when he leaves here he is pain-free in his shoulder.”

But Susan sees the wonders of massage therapy  in other ways as well.  “There’s a lot of people that come in here highly stressed and they leave here relaxed.  It lowers your blood pressure, blood sugar.”

Susan and her husband Chuck started the Zen Massage® Spring Hill franchise three years ago.  Clients choose from 20 therapists, with 10 working full-time.  And Susan makes sure they share her passion for massage.

“I went to massage school in Michigan,” she says, “but followed another career path for several years.”  When her husband came to retirement age, “we talked about opening a business.  We looked over all the massage franchises available, and liked Zen because they don’t have the contracts.  I briefly worked at ‘another massage franchise,’ and I hated that my clients got off the table and then get hammered on to join.”

“We definitely felt most comfortable with Zen.”

Susan’s repeat clients feel comfortable with her, and she loves the wide range of personalities that take advantage of Zen’s pricing and high quality massage.  “There’s a lady that sees Jason every other week.  She is an older lady and she just cracks me up when she walks in the door.  She always prepays and gives him a 20 dollar tip and says if he’s rotten, she’ll just take it back!”

“There are other ones too.  People that come in and just have a good attitude.”  Susan smiles and adds that she likes the grumpy ones as well.  “Because they leave with a smile… and massage hair!”